Christmas Tree 1

8 rows, 13 cells

By René Holzhauer, 2022

braille drawing christmas tree 1

Here we go!

Row 1:
space 5 times, WERE
Row 2:
space 3 times, capital sign, i, space, e, apostrophe
Row 3:
space 3 times, c, n, space, ED, c
Row 4:
space 2 times, capital sign, i, space 3 times, e, apostrophe
Row 5:
space 2 times, c, n, a, space, dot 4, ED, c
Row 6:
space, capital sign, i, space 5 times, e, apostrophe
Row 7:
space, c 4 times, FOR, c 4 times, dots 56, colon, full stop
Row 8:
WERE, dots 456, x, l, WAS, FOR, question mark, dots 456, x, y, dots 456, hyphen, number sign

Description of the Drawing

Christmas tree 1 is drawn slightly wider than christmas tree 2. Four dots represent the top, which is often placed on the tree in form of a star. The braille drawing shows a simplified representation of a christmas tree with three triangles that get larger towards the bottom (not closed). The trunk of the tree is fixed in a stand. Under and next to the tree are four presents of different sizes, two smaller ones on the left and two larger ones on the right.

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