Sledge with Child

8 rows, 27 cells (26 cells without indentation)

By René Holzhauer, 2021

braille drawing sledge with child

Here we go!

Row 1:
space 22 times, capital sign, colon, EN
Row 2:
space 22 times, AR, space, s
Row 3:
space 20 times, capital sign, WITH, space 2 times, OU, apostrophe
Row 4:
space 18 times, WAS, t, f, dots 456, space 2 times, dots 456, TH, semicolon
Row 5:
space 17 times, capital sign, a, space 2 times, dots 456, space 2 times, l, space, d
Row 6:
space 8 times, capital sign, dot 5 2 times, apostrophe, space 3 times, capital sign, dot 4, space 4 times, ST, AR, TH, dots 456
Row 7:
space, c, p, c 3 times, p, c, b, space 2 times, dots 46, capital sign, dot 5, dot 4, space 4 times, capital sign, OW, i, capital sign, GH, b
Row 8:
space, hyphen, v, hyphen 3 times, v, hyphen 3 times, dot 5, a, space 7 times, v, z, space, h, j

Description of the Drawing

The Braille drawing shows a child pulling a sledge behind them. The child is walking to the right with its body leaning slightly forward. Next to the body, the head, two arms and two legs can be felt. The child is holding a rope in its hand, which is pointing backwards. The rope is attached to the horns of the sledge. Both sledge and child are shown from the right-hand side. It is a horned sledge, whose distinctive, round horns are ideal for holding on to. The upper line represents the seat, while the lower line represents a runner.

In addition to this braille drawing, there is also a variant showing the sledge on its own.

This braille drawing was originally created for the non-profit organisation einfach machbar e. V. during the project “Blind Children Draw Pictures – Drawing with Letters” financed by the charity Aktion Mensch.

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