Christmas Tree 2

9 rows, 12 cells

By René Holzhauer, 2022

braille drawing christmas tree 2

Here we go!

Row 1:
space 4 times, WERE
Row 2:
space 3 times, ST, space, CH
Row 3:
space 2 times, dot 4, n, space, ED, a
Row 4:
space 2 times, ST, space 3 times, CH
Row 5:
space, dot 4, c, n, space, ED, c, a
Row 6:
space 2 times, ST, space 3 times, CH
Row 7:
space, ING, hyphen 5 times, u, space, dots 456, x, l
Row 8:
exclamation mark, colon, semicolon, space, FOR, space 4 times, p, c, TH
Row 9:
v, hyphen, l, WAS, FOR, question mark, dots 456, x, l, v, hyphen, number sign

Description of the Drawing

Christmas tree 2 is slightly narrower than christmas tree 1. Four dots represent the top, which is often placed on the tree in form of a star. The braille drawing shows a simplified representation of a christmas tree with three triangles that get larger towards the bottom (not closed). The trunk of the tree is fixed in a stand. Under and next to the tree are four presents of different sizes, one on the left and three on the right, two of which are stacked on top of each other.

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