For Download

On this page we have put together various PDF files for you to download and print out. The braille grid and the braille alphabet are intended for the colouring exercise / colouring game painting by braille dots for sighted people.

Brailleart – A Guide to Braille Drawings (soon)

This special compilation contains all our braille drawings. The PDF file has two large parts. Part 1 contains the instructions and part 2 the description for each drawing. There is also an introductory section with additional information and an appendix (with braille grid and braille alphabet). This PDF file is not fully accessible yet, we kindly ask for your apology.

Braille Grid

You can use this grid to make braille drawings or write a text. Perhaps you would also like to design your own braille drawing? The braille grid with numbered lines and shapes helps you to find your way around the system of dots.

Braille Alphabet

Here you can download the braille alphabet of the English language. In addition to the alphabet, it contains the abbreviations of braille and frequently used signs. You can also use the page overview of dot combinations to help you.