Instructions for Braille Drawings

Welcome to the overview page of our braille drawings. Many different pictures (currently 18) are waiting to be brailled by you. You will always find the latest pictures at the beginning of the overview. The instructions are in English contracted braille. Each drawing comes with a description, which is to make exploring by touch easier and sometimes also explains details.

To make searching for the right braille drawing easier, you have a choice option on this page so that you can filter the braille drawings by size or topic. If you click e.g. the button “animals”, only drawings of animals are shown. The button “Clear choice” takes you back to the whole selection of drawings.

Presents or Decorations

You need a little present for someone? Braille Drawings are great gifts. You may also decorate letters or birthday cards with them. Maybe you or someone sighted would like to colour your Braille drawings. Do send us your coloured drawings. If you like, we can publish them in our picture gallery.

Now we wish you lots of fun brailling and exploring the braille drawings!

Overview of All Braille Drawings

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