9 rows, 9 cells

By Arianna Gonzalez, 2023

braille drawing popsicle

Here we go!

Row 1:
p, c 7 times, TH
Row 2:
l, space, OW, o, space, OW, o, space, dots 456
Row 3:
l, space 3 times, g, space 3 times, dots 456
Row 4:
l, space 2 times, e, hyphen, i, space 2 times, dots 456
Row 5:
v, hyphen 7 times, number sign
Rows 6–9:
space 4 times, FOR

Description of the Drawing (from Arianna)

This popsicle has a face in the top part. He is smiling at you and want to be your friend. He's too cute to eat but is really fun to draw. Try to get creative and make something that you think would go perfect with this popsicle.

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