Ice Cream Cone

12 rows, 21 cells (13 cells without indentation)

By René Holzhauer, 2021

braille drawing ice cream cone

The braille drawing is placed in the middle of the sheet. To left-justify it, leave out 8 spaces at the beginning of each row.

Here we go!

Row 1:
space 10 times, apostrophe, dot 4, space, dot 4, space, apostrophe, dot 4, space, a, capital sign
Row 2:
space 9 times, comma, space 6 times, comma, space 3 times, dot 5
Row 3:
space 8 times, dot 5, space 7 times, dot 5, space 3 times, dot 5
Row 4:
space 9 times, comma, space 6 times, comma, space 3 times, comma
Row 5:
space 10 times, a, hyphen 4 times, u, hyphen 2 times, comma, a
Row 6:
space 11 times, FOR 7 times
Row 7:
space 11 times, dots 456, FOR 5 times, l
Row 8:
space 12 times, FOR 5 times
Row 9:
space 12 times, dots 456, FOR 3 times, l
Row 10:
space 13 times, FOR 3 times
Row 11:
space 13 times, dots 456, FOR, l
Row 12:
space 14 times, FOR

Description of the Drawing

The braille drawing consists of two scoops of ice cream and a cone. The cone has a triangular shape tapering downwards. In contrast to other braille drawings, the ice cream cone is completely filled with dots, in order to imitate the haptic impression of an ice cream cone. The two scoops of ice cream stick out of the cone. The left scoop is an easily recognizable circle. The right scoop lies slightly behind it and is pressed to the other scoop so that, viewed from the front, it is rather shaped like a half moon.

This braille drawing was originally created for the non-profit organisation einfach machbar e. V. during the project “Blind Children Draw Pictures – Drawing with Letters” financed by the charity Aktion Mensch.

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