5 rows, 2 cells

By Anja Lehmann, 2021

braille drawing key

Here we go!

Row 1:
Row 2:
WH, i
Rows 3–4:
dots 456
Row 5:
dots 456, FOR

Description of the Drawing

This is a so-called warded lock key. These keys are only used in very simple locks, e.g. for a room door. On the upper side, our key has a round handle. The key blade, which can be longer or shorter in this type of key, is connected to the handle. Below, at the handle, is the bitting, which will open the fitting lock.

This braille drawing was originally created for the non-profit organisation einfach machbar e. V. during the project “Blind Children Draw Pictures – Drawing with Letters” financed by the charity Aktion Mensch.

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