7 rows, 11 cells

By Arianna Gonzalez, 2023

braille drawing scooter

Here we go!

Row 1:
OW, o, colon, WERE, colon, OW, o
Rows 2–4:
space 3 times, FOR
Row 5:
space 3 times, FOR 8 times
Row 6:
space 3 times, IN, c, EN, space 2 times, IN, c, EN
Row 7:
space 3 times, e, hyphen, i, space 2 times, e, hyphen, i

Description of the Drawing (from Arianna)

This two wheeled scooter is ready for action. You can see the handle bars turning to the left, ready to drive in that direction. If wanted, you could try to fit a person on there. This scooter would bring lots of fun to draw and feel. If you also want draw the scooter in another direction.

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