7 rows, 13 cells

By Thomas Schinköth, 2021

braille drawing squirrel

Here we go!

Row 1:
space 4 times, capital sign, j, w, space 5 times, number sign
Row 2:
space 3 times, dot 5, u, a, space, l, space 3 times, dots 56, FOR
Row 3:
space 3 times, capital sign, i, space 2 times, dots 45, apostrophe, space 2 times, WITH, FOR
Row 4:
dot 4, g, ER, b, space 4 times, WH, space, number sign, FOR, b
Row 5:
space 2 times, dots 456, space 5 times, dots 456, dots 56, FOR, p
Row 6:
space 3 times, WH, space 3 times, capital sign, OF, q, f
Row 7:
space, dot 4, g 2 times, colon 2 times, i, c, a

Description of the Drawing

The squirrel is in an upright sitting position. It is depicted from one side, facing left. Its bushy tail, sticking up at the right side, is clearly recognizable. At its head, you can touch the nose, two ears and an eye. The braille drawing shows its left fore and hind legs. The legs stand out and are easy to touch. The squirrel seems to be holding some food in its forepaws.

This braille drawing was originally created for the non-profit organisation einfach machbar e. V. during the project “Blind Children Draw Pictures – Drawing with Letters” financed by the charity Aktion Mensch.

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