3 rows, 11 cells

By René Holzhauer, 2021

braille drawing sledge

Here we go!

Row 1:
space 7 times, capital sign, dot 5 2 times, apostrophe
Row 2:
c, p, c 3 times, p, c, b, space 2 times, dots 46
Row 3:
hyphen, v, hyphen 3 times, v, hyphen 3 times, dot 5, a

Description of the Drawing

The sledge is shown from the right-hand side. It is a horned sledge, whose distinctive round horns are ideal for holding on to. The upper line represents the seat, while the lower line represents a runner of the sledge.

In addition to this Braille drawing, there is also a variant showing a child pulling the sledge.

This braille drawing was originally created for the non-profit organisation einfach machbar e. V. during the project “Blind Children Draw Pictures – Drawing with Letters” financed by the charity Aktion Mensch.

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